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By | March 26, 2020

Popeye’s is a renowned American fast food chain that is famous especially for its fried chicken and biscuits. This fast food chain has outlets all over USA and Canada and has created a Popeye’s guest satisfaction survey in order to get the feedback that it needs to bring about improvements in its products and services. Taking the Popeye’s guest satisfaction survey can be done at any point of time online. To know more about this survey, what it entails and how it should be taken online, the following points need to be borne in mind. Check More Customer Survey – Lowes Customer Satisfaction SurveyWawa Customer Satisfaction Survey

Popeye’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

Requirements for Taking Part in the Popeye Guest Satisfaction Survey Online

In order to participate in Popeye’s guest satisfaction survey, the following points need to be borne in mind.

  • Those who take part in Popeye’s guest satisfaction survey need to be at least eighteen years in age or older than that.
  • The Popeye’s guest satisfaction survey participants must be serviced by a secure and stable internet connection that will enable them to carry out the survey smoothly.
  • Participants should have the store receipt that contains the survey code which needs to be inserted prior to beginning the survey
  • Survey participants need to be fluent in Spanish and in English as these are the two languages in which the Popeye’s guest satisfaction survey may be undertaken.
  • The participants in the Popeye’s customer satisfaction survey need to be patient as the survey can take awhile to complete

How to Take the Popeye’s Guest Satisfaction Survey Online

To carry out the Popeye’s customer satisfaction survey online, the following steps need to be taken.

  • Participants have to log onto the official survey page which is tellpopeyes.com
  • After logging onto the survey page, the survey code on the last bill receipt will have to be entered in.
  • The language in which the survey is going to be taken, that is either Spanish, or English, will have to be selected.
  • All the survey questions then have to be answered as transparently as possible. Participants in the Popeye’s customer satisfaction survey will be asked to answer questions related to the quality of the food that they had at the restaurant, the type of service they were given, the behavior of the staff at the restaurant and the prevailing ambience at the restaurant.
  • After Popeye’s customer satisfaction survey is completed. Participants can enter sweepstakes and win fabulous gift cards and cash prizes.

Things to Know when Taking Part in the Popeye Guest Survey Online

Those who participate in Popeye’s customer satisfaction survey online will have to bear the following points in mind.

  • The Popeye’s customer feedback survey is open to participation only to adults, that is, individuals who are eighteen years old or above.
  • The participants in Popeye’s customer feedback survey cannot be related to any person working or employed at Popeye’s.
  • Any person participating in Popeye’s customer feedback survey will have to have good internet connectivity to undertake the survey in a smooth and hassle free manner.
  • The Popeye’s customer feedback survey should be carried out as soon as the survey code is procured, as this survey code can become null and void after some time.

Benefits of Taking Part in Popeye’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Online

Taking part in the Popeye’s customer feedback survey brings with it a number of benefits. The Popeye survey participants get to give their honest feedback about the food they had at the restaurant. The Popeye survey participants also get the chance to enter sweepstakes and win several cash prizes.

Conclusion Popeye’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

The tellPopeye’s survey online is thus one that can be taken without any difficulty at all and that too at any given time of the year. The survey questions are easy to answer and are based on the type of experience that customers are likely to have had when visiting the restaurant. The tellPopeye’s survey online can be taken in Spanish or in English and all one needs is access to a computer or a smart phone in order to take part in the survey from the comfort of the home or the office. The cash prizes offered during the sweepstakes that take place after the survey are very high in value ranging between $ 100 to $ 500.

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