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By | March 26, 2020

If you are regular visitor of Nike Store then you will defiantly love to take participate in Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey, Nike Customer Feedback Survey Nike Survey details information can check on

Nike is one of the largest and most well-known sporting brands in the whole world. It is based in America and is mostly involved in the designing, marketing as well as development of sporting gear of different types, from shoes, to garments and accessories. The Nike customer satisfaction survey has been created by the company for the purpose of obtaining valuable customer feedback that it can use in order to bring about an improvement in the quality of its products. Taking part in the mynikevisit-na customer satisfaction survey can be a fun thing to do and there are plenty of cash prizes that can be won in the process as well. We have already shared many other survey find out here – Burger King SurveyDel Taco Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Nike Customer Feedback Survey

Nike is a multinational corporation that is headquartered in America and which has branch stores operating in many different parts of the world. It is involved in the manufacture and distribution of high quality sporting equipment and garments as well as footwear, regular apparel and accessories, all of which are made available to customers at a substantive price that is typical of all brands. Nike products are renowned for their quality and are favoured by both men and women especially by those interested in making a style statement wherever they go.

Why Take Part in the Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey ?

The mynikevisit-na customer satisfaction survey is one that is worth taking part in as it gives all Nike customers the unique opportunity to provide their views and thoughts about the quality of all Nike products. While Nike is a very popular brand today, not all Nike customers may be happy with what they buy. The mynikevisit-na survey gives customers the scope to give an honest view of the Nike products that they have bought and used and whether they feel that there could be room for improvement. A discount voucher worth five dollars is also provided to every Nike customer at the end of the mynikevisit-na survey which can be redeemed on the next purchase that is made at a Nike store.

Requirements for Participating in the Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey

There are a number of important requirements that need to be met for those looking to take part in the Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey mynikevisit-na survey.

  • For starters, all those aiming to participate in the mynikevisit na com survey need to be above eighteen years of age if residing in America or above thirteen years of age if residing in Puerto Rico.
  • Customers in other parts of the world who wish to take part in the mynikevisit na com survey need to be above eighteen years of age as well.
  • All Nike customers need to be fluent in English in order to take part in the mynikevisit na com
  • Nike customers must also be serviced by a stable and secure access to the internet in the phone or laptop in which they are going to be carrying out the mynikevisit na This is primarily because there are quite a few questions that need to be answered for the survey to be completed and internet connectivity problems may compel a Nike customer to start the survey again from scratch, even after answering half or more than half of the survey questions.
  • To take part in the Nike customer satisfaction or mynikevisit na com survey, customers will need to have shopped at a Nike store recently. This is because the survey code that will have to be inserted on the Nike survey website will be mentioned at the top or the bottom of this receipt.

Step by Step Guide for Participating in the Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • The first step that needs to be taken in order to participate in the Nike customer feedback survey is to visit the survey website at This website remains accessible at all times of the day and night and may be visited even in the early morning hours.
  • Upon visiting the survey site, the receipt code which is usually located at the bottom part of the Nike shopping receipt will have to be inserted with care. Once this is done, click on Next.
  • The survey questions will be displayed, most of which will be directed at asking customers what they have to say about Nike shoes, garments and accessories, whether the designs are trendy or not, whether the quality of the footwear and apparel could be improved, whether shipment is delivered in a timely manner to customers or not, etc. All of these questions need to be answered with a great degree of honesty and integrity in order for the usa survey completed to be a genuine survey for the company’s products.
  • A number of personal details will have to be provided next, like age, gender, occupation etc. This is necessary for customers to be able to take part in the Nike sweepstakes on usa. Once the personal information is properly filled out, customers can go ahead and participate in the sweepstakes and win cash prizes.
  • A discount coupon will also be generated at the end of the survey. The value of the coupon will be approximately $ 5 and it can be easily redeemed at the next purchase carried out at a Nike store on just about any Nike product.

Things to Remember when Participating in the Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Nike customer feedback survey participants cannot be employees at any Nike store in any part of the world. Neither can their immediate family members be employed by any Nike store in any part of the globe. Also, the Nike customer feedback survey coupon remains valid for only one month so customers really need to make haste and take part in the survey as soon as they finish shopping at a Nike store.

Thus, participating in the Nike survey is something that can be an exciting thing to do as it gives customers the platform to give some honest feedback about Nike products and services while also putting them in a position to win exciting cash prizes and discount vouchers. The Nike survey period remains operational on all days of the year, even when the holiday season is in progress.

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Conclusion Nike Customer Survey

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